Dozens dead in a battle between the South Sudan army and gunmen in Jonglei

Officials in the Republic of South Sudan, said more than 150 people were killed in the battle was fought in Jonglei province east of the country between the army and the rebels.
The South Sudan army had launched earlier this month campaign against rebels led by David Yao Yao in Jonglei, where the government plans to explore for oil with the help of the French company Total.
The state of South Sudan have been trying to exert control over large tracts of its land since splitting from the Sudanese body in July 2011.
And Yao Yao had announced disobedience in the past year based on support Almrla range to which he belongs, after the loss suffered by the local elections in 2010.
The news agency Reuters Philip Aguer spokesman army of South Sudan as saying that the army was able to killing of 143 element of militia Yao Yao in the battle was fought near the town of Pibor on Tuesday, adding that the battle that also killed 20 of the soldiers and wounded 70 wounded .
The Information Minister said the Government of Southern Sudan Barnaba Marial Benjamin by another army forces captured the runway was used to provide Yao Yao fighters flown weapons and equipment.
The state accuses South Sudan Republic of Sudan of backing the militia Yao Yao and other armed groups, a charge Khartoum denies.
According to have links to the rebel radio Yao Yao, they are fighting the government in response to the violations committed by government forces during the campaign to disarmament conducted in Jonglei.
And advocacy groups accused of human rights South Sudan's army of human rights abuses during the campaign, which was designed to put an end to the fighting between tribes Almrla and Lou Nuer.
The United Nations says that nearly 900 were killed when attacked 7000 Lou Nuer youths villages Almrla in Pibor area late last world.

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