Surprise .. Neymar was away from the paralysis by one inch !!

!! Surprise .. Neymar was away from the paralysis by one inch 

Revealed the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that the Brazilian soccer star Neymar da Silva was between him and his paralyzed distance of $ inch "inch" only one. 

According to the account told BBC Sport on site "Twitter" that defender Columbia Zuniga if his knee hit the top of the back of the Brazilian star to hit the last little bit paralyzed, reflecting the seriousness and sensitivity of the injury suffered by Neymar. 

And published today on the media image of the back of Neymar rays taken yesterday after being transferred to the hospital from the stadium before the official announcement of the end of his career in the World Cup. 

There were conflicting reports about the period in which Sigbha Neymar, where he announced the Brazilian team doctor about his absence for 6 weeks, but the news is official nominated Saturday from Brazil indicate the absence may extend to 7 months. 
The most serious back injuries on the players, and the last of the star suffered Borussia Dortmund Elkaa Gundogan missed evacuated from the month of August 2013 until now


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