Iraqi parliament speaker: Daash organization alien to us and paid third-party

Iraqi parliament speaker: Daash organization alien to us and paid third-party

أسامة عبد العزيز النجيفى، رئيس البرلمان العراقى
Osama Abdul Aziz Najafi, head of the Iraqi parliament

Said Osama Abdul Aziz Najafi, head of the Iraqi parliament, said that the organization Daash paid from a third party, a project weird hybrid Iraq has no any relation with it as described, "We do not accept at all and must be an Iraqi solution through the victory of the Sunni tribes who are marginalized, and assaulted them over the past ten years, "stressing that the targeting of Sunni tribal arrest and malicious charges, assassination and deprivation of salaries led to the Sunni anger Prepare for Daash practice of this business. 
He added, "Najafi" during an interview via satellite channel Sky News Arabia, that Iraq is able to defeat the Islamic state and al-Qaeda - Daash, al-Qaeda - in the event of a Sunni tribes their legitimate rights, he said, "When we win the public Sunni angry now and agree with him politically and offer his legitimate rights and constitutional organization loses Daash Hadhanth becomes isolated and we can confront him like what came quickly and suddenly come out as well. "
He noted, "Najafi" to organize Daash liver Iraq a lot of losses not benefited from any Iraqi party, stressing that the understanding of Homeland unable to reach a solution and defeat terrorism which is designed to split the motherland and the imposition of a foreign agenda contrary to Iraqi traditions. 
He pointed out that the deal the central government with the Sunni provinces during the past period helped the emergence of terrorism because of the way the unjust marginalization deliberate these years I went on afterwards demonstrations calling for reform over the last year, and instead of responding worked the central government to suppress armed force which led to the twitch of the Iraqi people to defend himself.

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