Italy decided to re-two from the Navy to India for trial on murder charges

Italy said it would two members of the Marine Corps to India on Friday, to face charges of killing two fishermen, in retreat from the decision has caused diplomatic tensions between the two countries.

A statement issued by the Office Prime Minister Marimonia: "The Italian government has requested and received written guarantees from the Indian authorities on the treatment of racial and Marines protecting their fundamental rights."

Noteworthy that Friday was the agreed date of the beginning of the return of the soldiers when it allowed them to India to travel to Italy to Eddlea بصوتيهما in national elections last month.

Officials said the two men (Masamilinulatury Salvatore Jeroni) agreed on the decision and will leave immediately and سيقيمان in the Italian Embassy in New Delhi.

And canceled this step a decision issued on March 11 by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs not to return the two men because the decision to try them in India violates Hakehma.

And two soldiers were serving on board the oil tanker "Enrica coated" flying the Italian flag when shot reportedly on Indian fishermen in February 2012, believing them that they pirates.

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