Reuters: 120 U.S. soldiers have secretly working in Somalia and efforts to publish more

Reuters: 120 U.S. soldiers have secretly working in Somalia and efforts to publish more

جنود امريكان في الصومال
American soldiers - archive


U.S. officials said American military advisers secretly working in Somalia since around 2007, and Washington plans to intensify its security presence to help the country ward off the dangers of the radical Islamic Youth Movement. 

These statements represent the first public acknowledgment Detailed U.S. military presence in Somalia dates back to the period of the administration of President George W. Bush, and added to the other indicators on the U.S. commitment to the growing Somali government recognized by the Obama administration last year. 

Exceeds the number that consists of approximately 120 military deployed on the ground, as announced by the Ministry of Defense (Pentagon) in January, it sent a few advisers in October, and considered this declaration then relates to first send U.S. troops to Somalia since 1993, when it dropped two helicopters flying at, and killed 18 U.S. soldiers. 

Coincides plans to expand U.S. military assistance with increased efforts to the Somali government and peacekeepers of the African Union, to address the bloody campaign waged seven years ago the youth movement linked to al-Qaeda, to impose a radical form of Islamic law in Somalia. 

These include U.S. plans post greater military of the United States and the allocation of new funds for training and assistance to the national army of Somalia, after years of working with the African Union Mission in Somalia, which includes about 22 thousand troops from Uganda, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Burundi, Djibouti and Ethiopia. 

The U.S. defense official said on condition of anonymity, "what you will see in the next fiscal year start sharing with the Somali national army itself," and the next fiscal year begins in October. 

The official said the Obama administration to Reuters, said that there are up to 120 U.S. military personnel currently deployed in parts of Somalia, and described them as trainers and advisers. 

The official told Reuters on condition of anonymity, "They do not participate in the fighting," and added that U.S. military advisers were working until last year, with the African Union force. 

The Obama administration decided last year that Somalia could receive U.S. military assistance. 

Another official said that the U.S. forces made ​​over the past years advice and assistance in areas related to planning the mission and methods of small units and medical care, human rights, communication, and added that U.S. forces in Somalia has also facilitated the coordination, planning and communication between the power of the African Union and Somali security forces. 

The U.S. special forces in the former bold raids in Somalia, including a failed attempt in October, to capture the movement of young people active in the movement's stronghold in Brauhn and U.S. officials acknowledged Washington's support for the African Union Mission in Somalia and the struggle against youth. 

It is known that officials from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency working in Somalia. 

The officials said to Reuters, the number of U.S. troops on the ground in Somalia varies from time to time, but the Obama administration official said that there was an overlap between the periods of deployment to ensure the existence of a field continuously. 

In response to a question about the place of American troops deployed, said the official, it's scattered "in places in parts of Somalia," but declined to provide clarification for security reasons. 

The official declined to specify exactly when she returned the first group of U.S. troops to Somalia, saying "That was about the year 2007" and to support the African Union force. 

The announcement reflects the military presence also in furtherance of the relationship between the United States and Somalia, and comes at a time when Washington is preparing to name its first ambassador to Somalia since 1993, which initially will settle out of the country for security reasons.

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